Rebel Rock bridal wear

Bridalwear for the fashion forward Rebels and the girls who know their style. For stylish and modern wedding dresses in Hereford.

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We believe at Rebel Rock Bridalwear you shouldn’t change your style or who you are just because you are going to be a bride.

You need to be yourself and put the “you” into your wedding day.


Charlie Brear

Charlie Brear is a contemporary bridalwear label.  The designer has a cult following from spirited modern brides who want their dresses to be as unique as they are.

Every Charlie Brear wedding dress is designed, and hand finished in the heart of London.

The beauty of Charlie Brear is that the pieces are so versatile. You get to create and design your dress with all the luxury dresses and accessories.


Vera Wang wedding dress at Rebel Rock bridalwear

Vera Wang

The first Vera Wang Bride collection is replete with the designer’s unmistakable signatures-Freedom, experimentation and individualism underpinned by a dash of fantasy.  It fuses high fashion with modern romance using exaggerated volumes, artistic details and crafted accessories to create an extraordinary look for the modern bride.

 Combining elements of haute couture, modern fashion and romanticism to absolute perfection, the first Vera Wang Bride collection is the designers gift to the fashion centric brides who follow their own rules.


e and w couture

E&W Couture

Join The Bride Revolution!

Breaking bridal stereotypes since 2014.  E&W Couture is right up our street…. “Bridal shouldn’t be uncomfortable or kept in a box”.

They are made to stand out in the bridal world and to make your guests salute you for being you!

 The styles are designed and made in Wales.


Shikoba Bride // Sisters of Bohemia


Shikoba Bridal for bohemian free spirited fashion led British designed bridal gowns.

Designed for the contemporary, fashion savvy, confident, unafraid, free spirited bride.

Made from beautiful lace, silks and delicate detailing creating unbelievable entrancing design and accessories.

All created by Fi Cooper and Becca Jenkinson and established in 2017.